Intimate Connections - Group Edition


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Intimate Connections for Couples – Conversations that build emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy


NOTE:  This Group Edition entitles you to print unlimited copies for your marriage small group or ministry. Also available is the Personal Edition, which is intended for personal use and limits you to print copies for your own use.


Intimate Conversation Starters

Every couple wants more intimacy. We are hardwired for it.

Whether you are looking for more romance, a better sex life, or a deeper spiritual connection, it is intimacy you desire. Intimacy reaches its pinnacle when you are each fully known to the other and respond to each other with love and grace.

Intimate Connections is designed to grow the intimacy in your marriage by providing easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank conversation-starting questions for three important dimensions of intimacy: Soul, Body, and Spirit.

The third edition has been updated and expanded with more questions and a bonus exercise to see how well you know what you love about each other. The pages in the new edition are now perforated for tear-out convenience. 

Tear out a page or two for your next date night. Bring a few questions on your next road trip together. Exchange answers over email when you are apart. However you use Intimate Connections, it will help build the intimacy in your marriage. Don’t worry if you can’t fill in all the spots for each question.

The important thing isn’t what is printed on these pages. What matters most is the conversation and connection that happens as a result of the question

We Recommend:

Our premium Print Edition is back in stock and has been updated to include convenient tear-out question pages that let you easily select a topic to take with you on your next date or road trip or anywhere else you might have an on-the-go intimate conversation.

Intimate Connections makes a great additional resource for your marriage small group. If you are interested in bulk pricing (10 or more), please contact us through our contact page.

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