What Husbands and Wives Need Most


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This report explores the top needs of husbands and wives as reported in an open survey run through our website and social media outlets. A total of 450 people responded to this simple but important question:

What is the one thing you need most from your spouse?

Learning to love each other well starts with understanding each other’s needs. You and your spouse probably have very different needs. Realizing this can prove extremely helpful in understanding and dealing with some of your differences.

All of us will naturally try to give love in a way that meets the needs that are important to us. It is much more difficult to give love in a way that is meaningful to our spouse when it is something that we don’t really identify with ourselves.

The most important thing to do with this report is not actually contained in the report. What really matters is that you and your spouse have a conversation about what each other’s primary needs are. Then follow it up with this important question, “What would that look like to you?”

Believe that your spouse desires to love you well but may need your help in understanding just what that looks like to you. Because we tend to be wired so differently, it’s really important to give each other a helping hand when it comes to how to meet our needs.


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