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New Edition!

The updated edition of On A Roll includes an expanded instruction book with extensive suggestions for filling out your pleasure list. Plus we’ve included a bunch of gameplay alternatives that make the game even more flexible and fun.

A Couple’s Game of Endless Delights!

On A Roll is a completely customizable bedroom game of chance that’s different every time you play. Together you get to decide to make the game as mild or wild as you wish.

Using the preprinted pad provided (see image), couples take turns filling in the spaces provided with 10 different two-minute “pleasures” each. With the lists completed, it’s time to take turns rolling for pleasure! In this unpredictable game of intimate fun, you never know what’s coming next! The first player to enjoy all ten of the Pleasures on his or her list is the winner. But of course, in this game, everybody wins!

The game box includes:

  • A preprinted Pleasure Pad (25 pages) – refills available
  • Two standard dice
  • Pleasure Timer (AAA battery included)
  • Expanded Instruction booklet with pleasure suggestions and alternative gameplay ideas

Bonus Booklet – FREE!

For a limited time, we’ll include a free copy of the booklet How to Make a Sexual Menu, A God-centered Guide to Discussing, Developing, and Documenting Your Sexual Repertoire. A bit about the booklet:

We developed the Sexual Menu tool to help you talk about your sexual preferences and wishes in a non-threatening way. Using this tool will enable you to talk frankly about what is and what isn’t in your sexual repertoire. The framework of a menu gives you the opportunity to think about your sexual interactions from a number of perspectives.

Normally only available as a paid download, we are including a print version for free with every On A Roll physical game order!

Download Version

NEW! We now offer a downloadable version of On A Roll. You supply your own dice, and timer or timer app, and you print your own Pleasure Lists from the template provided. The newly expanded instructions are included in the download.


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