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Passion dies for one reason: we let it. 


Passion Pointers is a quick reference guide to the habits that build and sustain intimacy and passion in your marriage. The guide is excerpted from the book Pump Up the Passion, 5 Habits to Move Your Marriage from Mundane to Marvelous, book 2 of the Igniting Intimacy series.

What couple doesn’t want more passion in their marriage? We think back fondly on the days when our relationship had intensity and excitement and believe that those days are long gone and lost forever. Don’t buy the lie of inevitable marital decline.

God designed marriage to get better and sweeter with time. Intimacy, connection, and passion can continually grow as you spend your lives exploring the depths of each other’s being. Love and grace can increase too, as you learn to enjoy the glorious benefits of being “one flesh.”

This guide is packed with practical ways to prime the passion pump by building each of the five habits into your marriage. Some of the habits have separate lists for husbands and wives, others have combined lists. Not every tip will fit every marriage. Do whatever works for your particular marriage. Modify the tips as needed. But do something!


Get A Full-On Passionate Marriage!


If you want to see the intimacy in your marriage ignited and your love full of passion, we encourage you to get the full book from which this download was inspired, Pump Up the Passion, 5 Habits to Take Your Marriage From Mundane to Marvelous. After you’ve read the book, keep this download as a handy quick-reference to keep passion in the forefront of your actions and thinking.


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